Moly Mountain



ALLUMINOUS Light festival

Creative Direction by MAISON the FAUX

Collaboration Linda Bosch (Suburbia)

In the middle of the forest, Circe appears to everyone who enters her domain. She is a classical Greek mythical figure who has had different meanings and labels for centuries: goddess, seductress, ugly vengeful sorceress.
But she is also just herself, even though she is the daughter of Greek sun god Helios and water nymph Perseis. Circe who goes her own way. People always interrupt her on her island, where she prefers to work solo, surrounded by her own created world full of piglets and beneficial herbs. Never even the space for what she needs, to not have to be anything for a while and maybe just have a cigarette?
Circe, who appears here as an enigmatic hallucination in Almeres urban nature, gives the visitor several stories and perspectives on Circe as an ancient myth. Here she sits, on her throne of moly herbs and yellow rapeseed flowers, as a luminous appearance that cannot be easily defined. She would rather be a mysterious myth than just a cliché of the strong, but immediately dangerous, another woman labeled. She's done with that.
MAISON the FAUX and Linda Bosch translate the ancient myth of Circe towards our time; a maximalist story in which myths are given a new face and the boundaries between nature and technology are explored. Circe's story unfolds slowly along the path with the audio fragments filling the forest with her sounds of nature that are synthetically distorted.
Moly Mountain is a multidisciplinary artwork created in collaboration with other artists that comes together within one visual whole. For example, Esmay Wagemans and Dae Uk Kim collaborated on the sculpture and theater maker and sound artist Mark Bergwerff is involved in the creation of the spatial sound layer that appears and disappears around the artwork and in the forest.

Creative Direction:
Maison the Faux
Esmay Wagemans
Flora sculptures:
Dae Uk Kim
Lighting design:
Robin Language
Sound design:
Mark Bergwerff
Marloes Dadswell
Samir Duratovic, Klaar Straatman
Aurélie Cuenot, Mardane Gaxotte
Pieter Lustig