Center for humanity


Center for humanity

Down the Rabbit Hole Festival, Beuningen

During the last weekend of June 2018, MAISON the FAUX built a “Center for Humanity” on the festival grounds of Down The Rabbit Hole festival.

A transparent temporary house where, during the 3 festival days, where FAUX performers will invite festival visitors to become part of various ceremonies. Each day the center was dedicated to a new phase of life – Birth, Life and Death. 

Enter “The Center” and get carried away by the performers, participate in various baptism, wedding and funeral ceremonies. You can experience birth and become a reborn FAUXmosapien on day one of the festival, commit yourself to LIFE and to MAISON the FAUX and even attend your own funeral on the last day!

Rober Fox
Sound Design:
Danny Taylor
Judith Siemons