Center for entertainment


Center For Entertainment

MAISON the FAUX installs the “Center for Entertainment” at Down The Rabbit Hole Festival. A performance installation where the DTRH visitor becomes part of an investigation into the eccentric world of the entertainer. Where does the stage begin and does the backstage end? What does it mean to have to go on stage? How do you sacrifice yourself as an entertainer? 

The visitor is taken backstage to witness the preparation of the performance of the century, that the MAISON the FAUX Entertainers are about to put on. The entertainers hype themselves up, love the audience, hate the audience, break themselves down and build themselves up. Backstage and frontstage clichés are enlarged and researched with the DTRH visitor breathing down the neck of the MAISON the FAUX Entertainers.

Watch the video of the performance HERE.

Tatiana Matvena
Performers Poetic Disasters Club:
Georgia Lyell, Arno Verbruggen, Annemieke Mooij, Lodewijk Walther Boer, Terencio Douw, Olympia Kotopoulos, Phoenix Chase-Meares
Jeamy Des Celles
Light Design and Technical Production:
Rob Daanen and Guus Broeren
Visuals & Sound Design:
Robert Fox
3D Animation:
Willem Stapel